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02 – by Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha – Intensifying Your Spiritual Growth

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This talk (28 February 2023) of a 6 Day series was part of Jamshedpur Jnana Yajna 2023 held at Centre For Inner Resources Development, Jamshedpur, India.

In this satsang, Swamiji emphasizes that spirituality is an integral part of secular life. There is a presence within, which is non-material and which animates and activates the body. It is the spiritual essence within us, distinct from the body. Spiritual growth involves developing the inner personality-the mind and intelligence. Inspiration for spiritual growth can come from knowers who have realized the Truth or from ancient scriptures (Shastras).

How did mankind evolve this knowledge? The Vedic thinkers, not being satisfied with oral and external worship and rituals, took to a life of seclusion and contemplation. They asked questions and pursued them. Their questions, analysis, observations and findings became the Upanishads.

Swamiji discusses the Mundakopanishad, where a great householder Shaunaka approached sage Angiras with a burning question in his mind: “By Knowing which, will I have known everything in full.” Pleased with this question, Sage Angiras started exposing the Supreme Knowledge to him.

All objective knowledge (including the four Vedas, six Vedangas (auxiliary disciplines)) are part of inferior Knowledge. The Superior Knowledge is that by which the undecaying, imperishable Truth is realized. It is the knowledge where one realizes one’s own real identity. The Upanishad explains that this knowledge cannot be grasped by the sense organs. It can be known only as ‘I am’. To attain this inner abundance and fulfilment, one must nourish the mind and intelligence and purify them.

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