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Based on Bhagavad Gita, two-day talk at Sithi Vinayaka Temple, Malaysia, during Malaysia Jnana Yajna 2023. 08 September 2023

In this talk, Swamiji says that everyone wants to be successful but they do not know how to make life successful. He discusses and elaborates on the key to success.

In the human personality, we have the body and the sense organs which are the external part. We also have the inner personality, namely the mind, intelligence and ego. The body is made of matter and is inert. The body and senses cannot generate experiences because they are inert. We have experiences only because of the mind. Mind is a sentient presence which makes us conscious of the body. It animates and activates the sense organs to function. So, a seeker’s attention must be on the mind.

Success is a concept, an idea which belongs to the mind. If one wants to be successful in life, the mind will have to be treated, developed, enriched, empowered and expanded. All our experiences and interactions are designed, implemented and terminated by the mind. So, it is the mind that has to be expanded and elevated. If the mind is strengthened, one will be successful in whatever outcome or situation one faces. Success is a pursuit of the mind. In making life successful, the focus must be on the mind.

Arjuna, the illustrious warrior, totally crumbled when he came face-to-face with the fact that he would have to fight and kill his own beloved grandfather and teacher in the battlefield. He was tormented by grief, ignorance, fear, delusion, and doubt. Sri Krishna activated the intelligence of Arjuna and made him probe into his own inner personality. The dormant potential of Arjuna was tapped by Sri Krishna. Swamiji exhorts listeners to harness their own inner potential. By harnessing the inner potential, one can be successful in everything one does.

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