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160 – by Swamini Ma Gurupriya – How to attain a stable and calm mind – 01

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Based on Bhagavad Gita talk given by Ma during Malaysia Jnana Yajna at SIRD, Malaysia on 2023 09 19

In this session based on the Bhagavad Gita, Ma explains how one can attain a calm and stable mind.

There are moments in our life when our mind is calm and stable, but such moments are short-lived. Very soon our mind gets gripped by fear, anger, anxiety etc. and the mind becomes restless. As seekers, we want eternal calmness and stability, which we will never lose. How to attain this stability? This eternal calmness and stability will be attainable only when we hold on to the eternal Self and become established in it.

To remain stable, calm and unaffected, one must practice Samatva (evenness of mind). The mind must foster an even attitude towards Sukha and duhkha. One must introspect on the fact that all the external happiness is transitory. If one is established in the Self which is unaffected, changeless, eternal, then one will be unaffected in all situations and attain eternal happiness.

Bhagavad Gita discusses in detail the qualities of one whose intelligence is stable (Sthita Prajna). He relinquishes all desires and is contented in his own within. His mind is not depressed in duhkha or elated in Sukha. He has risen above attractions, fear and anger. He transcends all constricted fondness and does not unduly condemn or praise any auspicious or inauspicious happenings in his life. He has successfully withdrawn all his senses from their respective objects. Such a person lives and interacts with a calm and stable mind.

Ma urges all seekers to always try and elevate their own mind. A seeker must constantly assess himself and see whether he is losing his own calmness and stability. Every situation must be accepted as an opportunity to gain calmness and stability, by remaining focused on the Self.

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