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132 – by Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha – Ishopanishad – 9

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In this unique and beautiful Satsang, Swamiji reminds us of the gist of Spiritual sadhana and the essential concepts presented in Ishopanishad. These summary concepts, succinctly presented in this Satsang, are a very clear guidance for all seekers.

Spiritual Sadhana must bring about a change in a seeker’s behaviour and interactions. One may do meditation, chanting, worship etc. but sadhana cannot be a part-time practice. It should be a constant path of expansion from a small, selfish identity to a universal identity. Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita exhort us to transform every moment of our life. In the wakeful and interactive hours also, one must remain anchored to the Self.

Ishopanishad says that the whole universe is an appearance on Brahman. When we have this understanding, all constrictions, possessiveness, doership/enjoyership, raga-dvesha will dissolve. Real enjoyment comes only through this Tyaga or renunciation of the clinging and constrictions.
Taking recourse to Vairagya (dispassion) and overcoming desires, one can live joyfully.

Reminding us about a mantra in the Upanishad, Swamiji says that it is not the world or the actions that bind us. Bondage comes from possessiveness and clinging to likes and dislikes. When a seeker sees the entire universe as the one same Self, there will be no desire, hatred, intolerance or fear.

A seeker must not remain limited by scriptural reading, meditation and other practices. When he leaves all effortfulness and aspires for the Truth alone, to the exclusion of everything else, the Consciousness will reveal itself and he realizes his own real identity.

Swamiji will be discussing 'Voice of Upanishads'. The Global Satsang will be based on Isa Upanishad. | Live Satsangs with Spiritual Masters on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday at 8 pm IST/10:30 am EDT/ 10:30 pm MST.

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