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107 – by Swamini Ma Gurupriya – Eliminate desires to live joyfully

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In this satsang, Ma elucidates that our life will continue to be burdensome as long as we do not apply the Spiritual Knowledge in our daily life and interactions, and yearn for divinizing every moment.

All problems start with our wrong identification with this limited body-mind personality. From it comes the feeling of 'I'-ness and 'Mine'-ness and from that arises desires and clinging to multitude of things. As long as this feeling of differentiation persists, we can never feel liberated. So, even while living at home and performing all responsibilities, internally we must have the conviction that our loftier aim in life is to become jivan mukta.

Ma tells us that home is not a place for enjoyment alone, it should become an abode for our sadhana. We should never become inattentive or waste our time on unnecessary things. Outwardly we should do everything with a lot of interest and concern, but at heart we must know that we are the Self; the non-doer. This feeling should gradually become natural in us like the bloodflow or breathing.

Ultimately, it is desires which constrict our mind. When all desires are dissolved, our mind becomes free, expansive, boundaryless and graceful!

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