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101 – by Swamini Ma Gurupriya – Spend time with God to divinize your life

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Even though we have a good understanding of the Spiritual Knowledge and our interest in Spirituality is growing each day, why do we still feel bound by this world? Why does the simplest of happenings distract us? Ma tells us, it is because our mind remains scattered in manifold thoughts and not in Self.

Developing one pointed devotion for God should be our aim. Although house is an abode of worldly enjoyments and satisfaction, they are short-lived and changeful. When the mind gets attached to wife, son, wealth and possessions, all of which are changeful, it becomes restless. In order to have eternal peace, one must grow attachment to the Permanent; the ever-present God within.

Ma says, while remaining in household, we should take care of the family and also earnestly do whatever is necessary, but inwardly we should have a constant association with God. We must also develop a loving association with Saints and Knowers, who have realised the Truth. By giving Supreme value to this ‘satsanga’, the clinging to all worldly things will drop off in no time and one will feel liberated and free in life!

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