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099 – by Swamini Ma Gurupriya – Make God your constant companion in life

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It is our wish to be natural, free, fearless and unaffected in life. But somehow, we are unable to be so. Why does this happen? Ma tells us, it is because our mind is scattered in thoughts of many things, other than Self.

Because of the feeling of 'I' and 'Mine', we develop a strong fondness for things around us and start clinging to them. Our thoughts are always around family, wealth, property and fame. Since, all of these are changeful and fleeting, any attachment towards them results in anxiety and suffering. Ma says, if we want to be liberated, then we must not have attachment towards them.

Ma exhorts us to develop the attitude of detachment. Just like in dream we have many things and we don’t feel sorrow when they disappear, we should have the same attitude of detachment towards this waking world also. The skill lies in doing everything that is needed to be done outwardly, but inwardly remaining devoted to God alone, to make him a constant companion in our life!

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