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03 – by Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha – Personal Fulfilment & Professional Excellence

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This discourse series was held in Trichur, Kerala on 3, 4, 5 May 2010.

In this Global Satsang, Swamiji says that whether it is personal fulfilment or professional excellence, the right source to be activated and expanded is our own inner personality. The fulfillment, contentment and delight is an inner experience generated by the mind and intelligence. Swamiji tells us how to develop this fulfilment as a constant coordinate of the inner personality. The seeker must make an effort to improve the mind and intelligence and cultivate the quality of excellence. When the
mind becomes excellent, there all the work done by a man will become excellent.

Quoting the Bhagavad Gita, Swamiji speaks about the inner personality of man. The senses are superior to the objects of the world; superior to the senses is the mind; still superior to the mind is the intelligence. What is still superior is what we refer to as ‘I’, which stands distinct from the senses, mind and intelligence. If a seeker can understand the One which is superior to the intelligence, then he can integrate his entire personality.

In the Kurukshetra battlefield, Arjuna became a seeker of everlasting fulfilment, excellence and stability which can be provided only by the expansion of the mind and intelligence. Sri Krishna says that life is an interaction between the senses and the world which inevitably results in Sukha or duhkha, which are transitory. The right attitude towards them must be one of tolerance. One who has an even attitude towards Sukha and duhkha, he is earmarked for excellence and fulfilment. A seeker must take to a life of moderation and remain firm in his own Self.

Swamiji urges the listeners to understand that they also have what every great man ever had—mind, intelligence and the Soul. He asks all to have an expansive mind which can assimilate all interactional impacts. A seeker must cultivate a lofty, brilliant, generous, and flexible mind and every day must be a day of enrichment. This is the only course open for a seeker of fulfilment and excellence.

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