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Based on Bhagavad Gita, four-day talk at CIRD Delhi, during Sadhana Sibiram at Delhi on 31 March 2023.

In this session, Nutan Swamiji clarifies many of the concepts of spirituality.

Surrender is a complete acceptance of whatever is happening, without any complaint. Surrender is a simple state of observing the world as it is and knowing ourselves as we are. How to surrender? It can be done, if one has a proper understanding. If a seeker considers it to be good, great, and beneficial, he will develop a love for it. Initially, a seeker has to practice surrender; It is a sadhana. But once he knows the Truth, he will find that he is already surrendered.

In Spirituality, looking within, a seeker starts enquiring ‘Who am I’? He finds that the ‘I’ is the knower of all the changes in the body, mind and intelligence. This ‘I’ cannot be known as something different from oneself. It is one’s own real identity. Initially, there is an effort to discover one’s own real identity. So, the seeker puts in the effort. But the self-effort itself becomes a hindrance in the last stage and the effort to know the self must also be surrendered to know the Truth.

Normally, in all objective knowledge there is a knower and something which is known. In Spirituality, in the ultimate state, the knower, the process of knowing and known dissolve and merge into the transcendental self. The Subject-object division vanishes. This is non-dual knowledge. Initially in Spiritual knowledge, by the contemplation of oneness the multiplicity should be removed. When the multiplicity is gone, then oneness also must be transcended.

In reply to a question about guilt regarding past actions, Swamiji says that one must introspect and seek the reply within. A knower of Truth does not dwell in the past. He also does not think and plan extensively about the future. He remains established in the lofty level--in the self.

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