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02 – Joy of Being Natural – By Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

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Day 2 of a three-day lecture series by Poojya Swamiji based on Ashtavakra Gita, during Malaysia Jnana Yajna 2023, at Society of Inner Resources Development, Malaysia.
13 September 2023

In this Satsang, Swamiji discusses the instructions given by Sage Ashtavakra to king Janaka. Swamiji urges listeners to understand that Ashtavakra Samhita discusses knowledge alone. A devout, dedicated, sincere seeker must absorb and assimilate it.

The whole world consists of five elements (earth, water, air, fire and space) and the human body also consists of these alone. The sage says: “You are not any of these Paanchabhautik elements; you are different from these.” If we are not the body which consists of the five elements, what are we? We are the living presence within, which animates and activates the body; we are the sentient presence within the body.

The Sadhana to understand this fact is a mento-intellectual one. It is an inner voyage of discovery and understanding. In the plane of understanding, one must separate the body (thinking that one is not the body. The body-idea is a notion which is generated in the mind.) and remain comfortably established in the Consciousness. When a seeker succeeds in doing so, he becomes peaceful and free of bondage instantaneously.

The ‘I’ (one’s real identity) does not belong to any varna, it does not belong to any of the four stages of life. It is something that is not perceptible to the eyes. It is unaffected, unattached, formless and the witness of the entire universe. Dharma & Adharma, sukha & duhkha are concepts relating to the mind alone. The ‘I’ is free from these notions. It is neither the performer, nor the experiencer. It is ever-free, immortal, taintless, infinite. Swamiji urges seekers to constantly introspect on this and make it their own.

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