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    Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

    2 | On Bhagavad Gita | Truthful Introspection – The source of strength in any situation

    The Dharmakshetra aggravated Duryodhana’s wickedness and made him behave condescendingly to his elders while Arjuna, though gravely aggrieved, was led to a deep spiritual enquiry which crowned him with supreme inner enlightenment.

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    Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

    A Prelude to ‘On Bhagavad Gita’ Series

    This is a message from Poojya Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha to devotees at the start of the 'On Bhagavad Gita' monthly letter series , in which he will be discussing the great ‘Administrative Treasure Trove’ Bhagavad Gita.

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