Wonderful moments from our recent Daana Satram at CIRD, Delhi

04 December 2023

The wonderful moments from our recent Daana Satram at CIRD, Delhi

Witness the joy as over 1000 individuals🧍 and 550 kids🧒 gathered at CIRD, standing in queues to receive heartwarming goodies🎁 from Poojya Swamiji and Ma. Devotees filled the air with positivity, welcoming them with Arati and Vedic mantras. Ma's encouraging words added inspiration to the whole event. Every individual received blankets🧣, dal🍚, and laddoo prasada🍘, ensuring warmth and nourishment for all. The day became even brighter as kids delighted in receiving cozy woollens🧥. Keeping in mind nutrition, the children were given prasada of nutritious almonds, raisins, and cashews, thoughtfully packed by devotees at CIRD💖✨ Adding to the joy, witnessing Poojya Swamiji dancing was truly delightful, radiating smiles and positivity throughout the gathering!