To Haludboni with Love – Daana Satram in the tribal area of Haludboni, 50 km from Jamshedpur CIRD, 7th November 2023

07 November 2023
Presenting moments captured during the recent visit to Haludboni, Jharkhand, where Nutan Swamiji, accompanied by volunteers and devotees, extended their heartfelt warmth and love to the tribal community. These images mirror the joyous distribution of sarees, dhotis, children’s jackets, sweets, biscuits, and nourishing food packets, leaving a profound impact on the lives of over 270 individuals. Witnessing Nutan Swamiji engage in heartfelt conversations added a layer of warmth and depth to this meaningful exchange, symbolizing not just a distribution of gifts but a genuine connection with the community. 100 sarees, 50 dhotis, and jackets to 250 children, along with a packet of sweets each, were distributed.