Poojya Swamiji's 91st Jayanti (13-May-2024)

14 May 2024
The holy 91st Jayanti of Poojya Swamiji was celebrated on May 13th, 2024, both at the Ashram and other centers. At the Ashram, the morning commenced with devotional bhajans, followed by Guru Paada Pooja led by Sri. Radhesh and Smt. Gita.  The sacred worship began with the enchanting recital of Guru Stotras, followed by the invocation of Poojya Swamiji's 108 holy names. With each name uttered by Nutan Swamiji and Ma, embodying the collective devotion of all devotees, they tenderly placed flower petals at the revered Guru’s feet, brimming with profound love and devotion. Poojya Swamiji's Jayanti message was first delivered in English and then in Malayalam. Additionally, Swamiji conveyed a few words in Bengali, particularly for devotees in Dakshinkhanda. Following this, devotees paid their respects and received Prasadam from Poojya Swamiji, accompanied by a celestial musical performance led by Sri G. Mohan and his team of artists. The event concluded with Poojya Swamiji spontaneously picking up his sticks and initiating a joyous dance, inviting everyone to form a circle around him. Amidst the euphoric singing led by Sri Sreenivasan, clapping and dance filled the air as everyone was deeply moved, shedding tears of love and gratitude!