Mataji Sulabha Devi's 34th Mahasamadhi day celebrations

17 December 2023
Mataji Sulabha Devi's 34th Mahasamadhi day observance at  narayanashrama Tapovanam (17 Dec 2023) Gratitude permeates our hearts as we celebrate the 34th Maha Samadhi Day of Mataji Sulabha Devi at Narayanashrama Tapovanam! 🙏 Over 100 hearts joined us for a soulful gathering as Poojya Swamiji and Ma shared touching memories of Mataji's life. A beacon of devotion and austerity, Mataji's legacy teaches us the essence of true Sannyasa. Ma Gurupriyaji beautifully recited Mataji's words on Bhakti Sutras, leaving us inspired. Poojya Swamiji emphasized how Mataji's life transcends time, delivering a universal message on the profound meaning of Sannyasa. And in a special moment, we were blessed to listen to devotional songs in Mataji's soulful voice. As the ashramites and devotees moved in unity towards the sacred Samadhi Mandir, the air echoed with soul-stirring chants of Hari Nama. The program concluded on a heartwarming note as Poojya Swamiji shared prasada and blessed us with the soul-nourishing Bhakti Bhoj.🌟