‘I Can’ Program at CIRD, Jamshedpur

05 November 2023
Empowering Young Minds at CIRD, Jamshedpur! Another successful 'I CAN' workshop brought together 34 remarkable students, aged 11-15, from Gulmohar Private School, Jamshedpur on 5th Nov’23 Sharing a sneak-peak into the day long workshop: From engaging activities to thought-provoking discussions, the day was all about unearthing hidden talents and inner strengths. The young stars had a blast with games that allowed them to unwind and be free. Creative expressions flowed as the kids explored the world of experiments and crafts. Swami Nirvisheshananda Tirthaji captivated the young minds with a thought-provoking interactive session, where he shared enlightening and inspiring insights, leaving a lasting impact on their hearts and minds. And last but not the least, A day of fun is never complete without some sattvik food. The volunteers made sure to infuse a touch of culture and tradition by making the kids chant Chapter 15 from Bhagavad Gita and reciting the Brahmarpanam sloka before having their food. The peaceful environment at CIRD, Jamshedpur created the perfect setting, and the children's smiles were a testament to their gratitude. As they left, each one carried with them gifts and prasada lovingly provided by Swamiji. Let's continue nurturing these young hearts, helping them discover their potential and inner strength. To know more about our initiatives, do visit us at https://www.bhoomananda.org/ or write to us at ashram@bhoomananda.org