Draupadi Dinam (09-May-2024)

10 May 2024
Narayanashrama Tapovanam is located on the eastern slope of Aykunnu Pandavagiri Hill, on top of which is the famous Aykunnu Devi Temple. There is a legend that the Pandavas, along with Draupadi, came to this hill during their forest exile, and Draupadi had done penance and worshipped the Devi for the victory of her husbands in the imminent war. The 'Karthika' day of the 'Vyshakh' month is celebrated as Draupadi Dinam. On this day, the Devi's idol is placed on a beautifully decorated 'ratham' (chariot), tied to two thick, long ropes and pulled around the village by women devotees. In the morning, Poojya Swamiji addressed the assembled devotees, explaining the significance of Temple in the life of a village and how it helps in the upkeep of harmony among its people. Swamiji then lit the lamp which was placed in the chariot, and the procession started. Devotees happily took up the austerity of pulling the 'ratham' under the hot sun. As the 'ratham' went around the village and arrived at the Ashram gate, the inmates, workers, and devotees distributed 'sambharam', a specially prepared buttermilk, to everybody, including the passersby - a much needed refreshment! This act of sharing brought immense joy and contentment to both those offering and those receiving, creating a profound sense of fulfillment and gratitude among all involved.  
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