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Enlightened Living – Jamshedpur Sadhana Shibiram 2024


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END: MARCH 5, 2024

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CIRD-Jamshedpur, Circuit House Area(North West), Sonari, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand 831011

Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha ji was in Jamdhedpur from Feb 20 to Mar 05, 2024 to conduct the Annual Enlightened Living Sadhana Shibiram.

The highlight of the program is the 5 day residential retreat which will be conducted for the first time in Hindi.  There will also be a special program for the Youth – “Spirituality in Decision Making” on 02nd March :



Role of Vichara in Bhakthi

Nutan Swamiji conducted the first satsang of the Sadhana Shibiram on 21st February 2023.


Spirituality for Professional Excellence

This sastang was conducted on 22nd February 2024, by Nutan Swamiji at the CIRD Jamshedpur center.

Jamshedpur Sadhana Shibiram 2024 – Event Report

                       Sweta Roy

This year, Nutan Swamiji’s Sadhana Shibiram (in Jamshedpur) had most of the programmes in Hindi, including the first ever Retreat in Hindi – “Prabuddha Jeevan” (Enlightened Living). Retreat participants were enriched by the daily routines of silent sitting, morning and evening prayers, guided introspection, shloka chanting, and reading session (from article series “A Great Association” by Nutan Swamiji), apart from the daily morning Q&A sessions and evening discourses by Nutan Swamiji. And of course, no retreat with Nutan Swamiji would be complete without the highly enjoyable and enlightening Walking Satsangs.

Retreat - 'Prabuddha Jeevan'

Retreat “Prabuddha Jeevan” in Hindi (24-28 Feb)

The four-day fully residential Retreat took place under Nutan Swamiji’s loving guidance. There were 12 participants – one from Ranchi, two from Delhi, and nine from Jamshedpur itself. It was a vibrant mix of young newcomers as well as long-associated seniors. The Retreat began in the evening of 24 Feb with the introductory session where Nutan Swamiji was introduced to the participants, and each participant in turn shared a little about themselves, their background, why they chose to participate and what they hoped to gain from the Retreat. Swamiji then went through the Retreat schedule, explaining the purpose of each item on the agenda.

Each morning started with silent sitting from 6 to 6.30 am, followed by morning prayer at 7 am. After breakfast, we all gathered in Vivek Bhavan for guided introspection session at 9.00 am, where a questionnaire was handed over to the participants. I could see inquisitiveness and a little confusion on some of their faces, as it was perhaps the first time in life they were probing into their own mind and behaviour and writing openly.

Over the few days, Nutan Swamiji drew on the experiences of participants in silent sitting to explain what should be the aim of meditation for a seeker of purity and truth, and that how meditation becomes an effective tool to discover where lies peace and happiness. This discovery helps us to transform our daily activities and interactions. He explained the importance of meditation in spiritual life and the essential steps towards successful meditation, where relaxed body posture and effortlessness of mind and intelligence are the foremost.

The crux of the retreat learning was to let go of all constricted thoughts and inhibitions, feel the infinite expanse within, and anchor the mind in the impersonal Self through surrender.

On 28 Feb, the concluding feedback session saw some participants openly sharing what their difficulties had been before attending the retreat, and how the retreat had helped them overcome those difficulties, inspiring them to continue on their life’s journey with renewed vision and purpose. It was a very fulfilling session.

Some feedback from participants:

A lot of new revelations about my personality have come out during this period. I have received new understanding about my mind’s disturbances. I will make that a guiding light to improve my mental calm and efficiency.

The most important perspective gained is that I am an integral part of the entire universe and my true identity does not change by the worldly things I do or decisions I make.

Letting go is important for me and if I follow that all problems around me will get resolved.

I believe I’m a changed person after the retreat. Thanks and pranam to Nutan Swamiji and all of you for being the light and giving me the light.

Evening discourse

Efficiency in work and peace of mind (25-27 Feb)

Evening discourse – Karma-kuśalatā tathā man ki śānti – (in Hindi) based on Bhagavad Gita

 During the evening discourse series (which also came as a part of the Retreat), Nutan Swamiji drew some key shlokas from Bhagavad Gita to help us understand how the mind can be made free of all agitations and anxieties, and how a peaceful mind leads to maximum efficiency. Following any of the various perspectives presented in Buddhi-yoga of Bhagavad Gita, one can always work remaining anchored in his inmost identity. When we understand that the ego and the desires hidden in our personality are the main hindrances on the path of happiness, that knowledge introduces a turning point in our life and interactions.

Nutan Swamiji emphasized that a wise person soon discovers that nothing in the objective world can fulfill us. The anchorage in the Self is the source of infinite and everlasting happiness which radiates from our within when the mind is calm and desire-free.

Role of Vichara in Bhakti (21 Feb)

Evening discourse in English

This was the first talk of the Sadhana Shibiram. Nutan Swamiji flowed naturally from the beautiful session on the same topic he had at the Śrīmad Bhāgavata Tattva Sameeksha Satram in Dec last year. Swamiji gave the audience a clear link between introspection and true devotion, showing how vichara takes bhakti to its loftiest and deepest level. From the usual gross display of devotion, vichara makes one look within and adorn the personality with loftiest devotional qualities. Swamiji concluded the session by chanting Tava kathāmṛtam…( Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 10.31.9), enthusing all present, including children, to learn and chant with him.

Evening walks

Spirituality for Professionals (22 Feb, in English)

About 40 professionals (coming to CIRD for the first time) from various backgrounds – Income Tax Dept, Judiciary, Administration, Education and Business – participated in this interactive session, where Nutan Swamiji explained how spirituality is completely different from a few hours of religious practices, and how the understanding of truth can make all our activities spiritual as well as beneficial for one and all. Swamiji provided deep and practical answers to questions such as “How to balance family and professional life” and “How to manage stress”, opening up a new line of thinking for the audience.

Interactive Satsangs (1st & 4th March) in English

Both satsangs comprised meaningful discussions on the experiences we had from the distribution of educational aids, as well as Q&A sessions on the Truth of our Real Identity, what it means to ‘know’ the Self, and how we should proceed on our path of sadhana.

With strong will power and effort we must work to sublimate our ego and remain anchored to the ultimate truth. Swamiji emphasized that seeing God in every existence and loving all uniformly is the only way to expand ourselves.

A day with Cultural Heritage Class Children

Dāna Activities – Educational Aid

Dāna this year was in the form of educational aid to three categories of children. Students of Manav Vikas School (mostly underprivileged tribal children) and CIRD’s Cultural Heritage Class – all received notebooks and stationery for the coming school term. Number and type of notebooks were decided according to the requirements of the schools. Visually impaired students from the National Association of the Blind (NAB – Jharkand branch) received Braille slates as well as arithmetic slates.

Cultural Heritage Class (3 Mar)

Children who regularly attend the CHC were given educational kits. Before the distribution, the students chanted shlokas, recited poems and sang devotional songs. Swamiji’s advice to them was that they pay more attention to chanting well – with proper pronunciation and metre, harmoniously in tune, and always with the meaning of the shlokas in mind. Swamiji urged them all to strive for perfection, to do whatever they do with full attention and application. The programme concluded with serving food to the children.

Swamiji with Visually impaired children

Visually impaired children from NAB (4 Mar)

This special event in CIRD was compered by Poojya Swamiji’s disciple Sri Atul Sahay, who is the Genl. Secretary of National Association of the Blind (NAB), Jharkhand. Sri Atul has led a successful life as a corporate executive with the Tatas, and as an experienced trekker of mountain paths, despite being blind. His wife Seema is also very closely associated with our Ashram. The day previous to the event, Seema gave us some insight into how to understand the responses of the blind and how we should behave in their presence.

15 visually impaired children as well as some senior NAB alumni were wholeheartedly ushered into Vijnana Bhavan with the help of accompanying “sighted attendants” and our volunteers. After Sri Aravindan and Brni Nandita Swaroopa chanted some “World-welfare shlokas”, a few groups of visually impaired children performed bhajans.

Nutan Swamiji’s voice carried his emotions as he addressed all present. He said: “…Although blindness is considered to be a deficiency, we should not forget that visual inputs delude us most powerfully. Without the distraction of visual attraction and repulsion, we should be able to get at the subtle truths and divine touch more easily. What do we do in front of Deity or while meditating? Don’t we automatically close our eyes?… ”

Distribution of Braille and Arithmetic Taylor Slates was done systematically and peacefully. Nutan Swamiji lovingly blessed each child, keeping his hand on their heads. The interaction with the seniors and some of the older students was very knowledge-oriented and interesting. All of them enjoyed the delicious lunch that was prepared especially with the children in mind.

We all felt enriched by spending just a few hours with our special guests, and also feeding them.


Listening to Nutan Swamiji, and being in his company, gave us a glimpse of the ways of a Saint, who demonstrates the vast, impersonal dimensions of human personality. He becomes a source of inspiration for others in the society and a living example of ‘Prabuddha Jeevan’.

Jai Guru!

Śraddhayā Deyam – Gift with Dignity”

[Gifting programme at Manav Vikas School in Jamshedpur on 29 Feb 2024]

 Sadhika Mrinalini Appadurai

During every visit programme in any Centre, be it Jñāna Yajña or Sadhana Shibiram, the Dāna activities always prove to be the most enriching for devotees. During Nutan Swamiji’s Sadhana Shibiram in Jamshedpur this year, it was Dāna Satram with a difference – focusing on children’s education, giving aid to needy students in the form of materials for their new session. The distribution in Manav Vikas School was a unique experience, that will likely remain in memory for a long time.


Long before Nutan Swamiji arrived, talks had been taking place from Ashram with the Jamshedpur team. It was decided that the distribution of notebooks and stationery would be to 250 students of Manav Vikas Vidyalaya, a school beyond Telco Colony, which is largely focused on underprivileged children from the surrounding tribal communities.

Suppliers of notebooks were sourced, and decisions made. For each class (from LKG to Class 10), the number and type of notebooks were identified. Each child was to receive approximately 15 notebooks. Younger children would require a mix of notebooks that were single-ruled, double-ruled, with squares for arithmetic and plain drawing books. Older children required only single-ruled. In all the planning, every detail was gone into meticulously by CIRD volunteers in consultation with Nutan Swamiji and Ma – the quality of notebooks, number of pages, weight of the paper, cost etc..

Requirements of students from each class was procured from the committee of Manav Vikas School. A detailed chart was prepared with the number of students per class, how many of each type of notebook was required, which students required geometry boxes, who needed what type of stationery. The list was checked and double-checked and finally confirmed with the school authorities just before the event.

Volunteers spent hours assembling the bundles of educational kits, arranging them in clearly marked stacks according to class. Seema Sahay, Manoj Dubey and Ashok Kumar were to go earlier to the school to get everything organized together with the teachers.

Then there was the matter of who was going to attend, which devotees would drive, who would go in whose car. A number of devotees’ children between the ages 12-15 years also enthusiastically joined the band of volunteers. All details were thoroughly discussed and on 29 February at 9 am we all set off from CIRD.

Humko man ki shakti dena... morning prayer

At the “Mandir of Learning”

The school was simple and clean. Some extensions were under construction. Obviously, the committee took pride in the school and had their whole heart in it. Committee members and teachers, led by Chairperson Smt Roma Sohi and Vice Chairperson Sri A K Dua, greeted Nutan Swamiji with warmth and reverence right at the carpark, and ushered all of us up to the hall on the first floor where the programme was to take place.

Children were seated in straight rows all the way to the back of the hall. These were the older students from classes 8-10. Disciplined, well-behaved, attentive. Seated out in the corridor of the hall were the younger children who were a little more boisterous, as young children generally are.

After being garlanded by a young male student, Swamiji lit the ceremonial lamp together with some of the committee members and the Principal. After that, group of young girls in their neatly pressed uniforms sang “Hum ko man ki śakti dena …”, their daily morning prayer song. Another group of girls in pretty white frocks performed a dance with a Bengali patriotic song “dhana dhānye pushpe bhara …”. Nutan Swamiji’s face reflected how touched all of us were, as he keenly watched every movement.

When it was time for Swamiji to address the children, his voice broke as he spoke of the joy he felt seeing the children, the school and what the teachers were striving to do. The lyrics of the prayer (hum ko man ki śakti) became the base of his powerful and poignant message to the children, urging them to discover the power of their own mind, the treasure they all carry within themselves. Giving examples from their daily encounters and responses – competitions, failures and quarrels – Nutan Swamiji explained to them the meaning of “man ki śakti” (mental power), and how anybody can harness it.

The children were wide-eyed listening in pin-drop silence as Swamiji pointed out that although they may look different, and dress differently from other children studying in English medium schools, fundamentally all were one and the same, and at a deeper level there is no difference at all.

Then came the distribution. Students were brought class by class, one by one, to receive the yellow-coloured bags containing their notebooks and stationery. Everything was smooth and orderly. Outside the hall, volunteers systematically brought in the bundles according to class. Our young volunteers formed a chain, passing the bundles from the table outside the hall, to the table inside, and then to Nutan Swamiji to give to the students. All students, teachers, committee members, staff and volunteers received dry fruit prasāda.

Lasting Impact

Event concluded, we bid them farewell and headed back to CIRD, feeling enriched and fulfilled. Nutan Swamiji later shared what some of the children told him while receiving the gift packet from him. Quite a few girls from the upper classes expressed that they have understood what Swamiji said and would prove it in their life. One girl with a brilliant face said: “Swamiji, today you have awakened my mind!”– That itself was worth the whole effort.

The programme led to heart-warming correspondence between the school committee and Nutan Swamiji, heralding what could perhaps be a longer lasting relationship between Ashram and the school. Excerpts from the correspondence:

Session with children

Letter from Manav Vikas School Community

4 Mar 2024

Respected Swamiji,

It was a new dawn at Manav Vikas School. Your esteemed presence in this mandir of learning was an inspiration for the students, teachers and families connected with this school. On behalf of our entire school community, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your gracious visit to the humble precincts of our school. Your large-heartedness in providing educational materials to our students who belong to a lesser privileged society will go a long way in their quest for learning and finding their own space in our growing nation. More than all, handing over each packet personally, has surely touched each heart and has left an imprint in their minds. Your presence and the mantra of self-motivation – “man ki śakti” – brought a profound sense of inspiration and joy to all of us.

Your presence along with your team was electrifying. The behind-the-scenes effort of packing the materials reflected the love and dedication of your disciples. … The impact of your generosity will be felt far beyond the classrooms.

It will have a ripple effect on the society at large. It will resonate with the aspirations and achievements of each student who received your blessings.

We thank you for your kindness and unwavering support. We eagerly anticipate future opportunities to collaborate and continue our shared mission of empowering the next generation…

With deepest gratitude,

Manav Vikas School Community

Nutan Swamiji’s Reply:

14 March 2024

Dear and blessed Manav Vikas School community,

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Your hearty appreciation, written beautifully in precise and naturally flowing words, compels me to write back.

We are Sannyasins trying to share and spread whatever we feel to be the most valuable in human life and best for the society. We feel fulfilled when we find anybody genuinely appreciates what we stand for and what we do with the cooperation of our well-wishers.

When most of our so-called modern educational institutions create disbalanced materialistic aspirations in the children, to come across a school run by educationists who stand for our national culture and values, is quite refreshing and encouraging.

Our entire team was touched by the natural heartiness and discipline of the students and the teachers. We are grateful that we could help the students by providing some materials they surely need. Of course, what they need more is the awareness of our inner spiritual wealth. I did feel encouraged that at least a few of the students visibly resonated with what I tried to impart.

Hope some of them will definitely be able to grow out of the natural inferiority they suffer from. Only if we can awaken the teachers to our inner splendour, they will be able to awaken the students. We would very much like to continue to work together in this field to the extent possible. As you have written, we shall strive to continue with our shared mission of empowering the coming generations.

Poojya Swami Bhoomananda Tirthaji sends his loving āśīrvād and Ma Gurupriyaji her loving good wishes. They too appreciated the way you have presented your thoughts and feelings in the letter.

With love and regards,

In the Service of the Nation

Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha

* * *


February 21, 2024
07.00PM - 08.15PM IST
Role of Vichara in Bhakthi
CIRD, Jamshedpur

All are welcome

February 25, 2024
07.00PM - 08.15PM IST
Prabuddh Jeevan - Residential Retreat in Hindi (Registration Required)

Karmakushalata Tatha Mann Ki Shanti – The message of Bhagavad Gita


CIRD, Jamshedpur

All are welcome

February 26, 2024
07.00PM - 08.15PM IST
Prabuddh Jeevan - Residential Retreat in Hindi (Registration Required)

Karmakushalata Tatha Mann Ki Shanti – The message of Bhagavad Gita

CIRD, Jamshedpur

All are welcome

February 27, 2024
07.00PM - 08.15PM IST
Prabuddh Jeevan - Residential Retreat in Hindi (Registration Required)

Karmakushalata Tatha Mann Ki Shanti – The message of Bhagavad Gita

CIRD, Jamshedpur

All are welcome

February 29, 2024
10.00AM - 12.00PM IST
Educational Aid to Children

Manav Vikas Vidyalaya

CIRD, Jamshedpur

All are welcome

March 01, 2024
07.00PM - 08.15PM IST
Interactive Satsang
CIRD, Jamshedpur

All are welcome

March 02, 2024
10.00AM - 05.00PM IST
Spirituality in Decision Making

Youth Programme (20-35 years)

CIRD, Jamshedpur

All are welcome

March 03, 2024
10.00AM - 12.00PM IST
Educational Aid to Children

Cultural Heritage Class Children

CIRD, Jamshedpur

All are welcome

March 04, 2024
10.00AM - 12.00PM IST
Educational Aid to Children

Childreen with Visual Impairment

CIRD, Jamshedpur

All are welcome

March 04, 2024
07.00PM - 08.15PM IST
Interactive Satsang
CIRD, Jamshedpur

All are welcome